School’d at Nine Years Old

Since its pretty tough to avoid all the Occupy________ Headlines I’ve put some thought as to where I TRULY stand about the whole issue. Sometimes I hate being rational, because ignorance is truly bliss. Everytime I just want to jump to one conclusion, I always rationalize why it wouldn’t be that easy. Point being… to all those who say “Let’s just tax the Rich!” -  Well… It’s not that simple, to say people who are making a lot of money don’t really need all that money, well its not really fair to them because who REALLY needs a lot of money. If they earned it, and I say that light heartedly, it is their money. BUT, I am down for taxing at a reasonable rate according to your income bracket. To me that just makes sense.

So going back to the original reason for this post… when I was in the 4th grade we were learning about California history and a fun activity our class got to do was have a mock “digging for gold” in our school playground in spirit of the 49ers during the gold rush. We all got to choose a partner, they gave us certain time limit, and were off! I don’t know how the hell we managed to do it at age 9, but me and my partner Michael found 90% of the gold planted. I think after we found the first batch we were just smart enough to figure out the different coloration in the sand and could tell where our teacher decided to hide everything (aren’t we clever). HAHAHA. WELL, me and Michael we very please with ourselves. However, our fellow classmates were not at all happy that they did not get some of the gold. So “to make things fair,” our teacher made us surrender all our gold and our stash was distributed amongst the class and so our teacher gave me and Michael one more piece of gold since we found the most. WACK. I didn’t necessarily care about the gold itself, but we were more irritated about the principle; that we found the gold fair and square, and credit to our wit for figuring it out fair and square how to find the gold, but we still had to share? And HEY, we did share with our close friends, but not the WHOLE class.

So isn’t this a crazy parallel?! I can understand if we were given any sort of advantage… a head start, a clue as to how to find the gold, if we had more people in our group… but we didn’t! Like if my teacher said once a group finds gold you have to stop i’d be cool with it. Or even if she said to try to let everyone get the chance to get a piece of gold I would have even helped other people find gold… but don’t be changing the rules after the game has finished! Michael and me didn’t make a big deal about it later, as long as people will always remember WE found all that gold. HAHA

SO… I GET IT. I get that the 1% don’t want to be forced to give up their money, especially since the American Dream is very individualistic and everyone is for themselves, its ok. BUT, the rules in America are not fair to everyone, and I still believe people are happier as a community as opposed to an individual. I still think our gold was taken unjustly taken from us, only because we didn’t break any rules and no guidelines were set. If the community mentality was maintained in America, we would not be having this argument. In the end we knew it was better to distribute the gold because it was fair, but obviously that had an impact on me because I still remember! With America’s rule for success, the system was already heading in a direction that would eventually be ineffective, but that just means we have to change it. The good thing about life is we are able to adjust/change/transform into something better. To those who oppose taxing for the rich are thinking retroactively. There was once a time and place for our current taxing breakdown, but America has evolved, and now is the time to adjust for the changes. If not, we are not going to be the sought as the land of opportunity.

Lesson learned when I was nine that still apply: if the rules are broken or don’t exist from the beginning, people don’t even need to break them and will find way to win the game with a huge advantage. It’s bound to happen, survival of the fittest. Don’t punish them by creating a rule retroactively, but progressively to benefit the future. We learn from experience, if something needs to change because the situation is now different, let it change it’s natural.

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